Thursday, July 20, 2017

Resources for Virtual Assistants

Whilst some of these resources contain affiliate links, which help run VA Pro, I only recommend those that I either use now myself or with clients, or have used in the past.

elxtrI looked for a long time to find a great resource for all your legal documents. Use code VAPRO2017 for a discount

fsbThe FSB offer a wide range of business services including advice, financial expertise and support. Their legal helpline has been invaluable, as has the reassurance that I’d be paid if on jury service or had an HMRC inspection.

capsuleGreat startup CRM system. Simple and effective.

teamworkTeamwork Projects is our favourite online project and task management system for working with teams and clients. Good integration with Gmail. Teamwork Desk is also a great email support system when working with multiple associates.

LastPassMy brain just couldn’t manage without LastPass, a password manager and generator that keeps everything in a secure vault and remembers them for you when you visit a site.

ConvertkitThe email marketing system that I use now, and that I really like. Easy to automate, to integrate with other things and developing all the time.


I don’t save any files locally on a PC anymore. I save everything on Dropbox and then I can get to all my files from anywhere, on any device, and share folders and files with clients.

salesflareMy favourite CRM and sales pipeline software. Well integrated with Gmail and Outlook, it automatically imports everyone you contact and finds other details about them for you. Reminds you to contact people again, tracks your opportunities and lists files you’ve sent them.

togglEasy to use time tracker that you can start with one click from any webpage or from inside an email. Simple reports on time spent on different clients and projects. The basic plan is free and a great option when you’re starting out, and forever if you work alone!