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How To Make 2019 Your Best Year To Date

Create a plan and implement.Essentially, that’s all there is to making 2019 a better year than 2018 (and...


5 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating Your Online Presence

For anyone starting out on their Virtual Assistant journey, the path can feel a little daunting. It’s also easy to get sucked into doing...

How Big Is Your Prospect List?

You do have a prospect list don’t you…?And not just five or ten contacts from previous work, or through friends and family.But a big...


How to Use Asana’s Features for Better Organisation

Asana is made for all kinds of team, and we find it works brilliantly as a team of VA's. It allows us to customise...

A Beginners Guide on Building your First Page in Kartra

Have you heard about Kartra? It's a brand new marketing software that has made selling and advertising products for small businesses a whole lot...

How to easily encrypt files on your Mac and Windows computer

As VA's, we deal with a lot of data that is incredibly sensitive and needs to be protected from the 'PC bad guys'. And...

Access Google Drive documents right from your desktop

Once upon a time, it was all about Dropbox, but these days there's a good few other apps out there that do the same...


Compare Multiple Calendars with Group Scheduling

Even to the most skilled and organised VA, diary management is one of those jobs that always involves a lot of juggling of diaries....

7.5 Power User Tips for Google Chrome

As a virtual assistant, I spend a hefty chunk of my time working within my internet browser - and over the years as more...

Mail Merging Made Easy – with Microsoft Word and Excel

The mail merge function of Microsoft Word is arguably one of its most useful features. It is a simple way of personalising a template...

How Do I Produce A Graph From A Table In Excel?

A frequently asked question by many of our readers, so we thought we'd tackle this little task first, and show you how to make...


Joanne Sparkes has run Expedio Virtual Assistance since 2003 and was probably one of the first Virtual Assistants in the UK. She specialises in data analysis and spreadsheet automation and in assisting consultants in the scientific medical industry.

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Your VA services are too expensive aren’t they?

This week a potential client said to me "- you're expensive, my Accountant says I can get a much cheaper book-keeper". Should I be...

6 Steps to Getting Started as a Virtual Assistant

Why do you want to be a Virtual Assistant?Before getting started, this is the first question to ask yourself. And the reason I stress...

How to Set Your Virtual Assistant Rates

Let’s be honest, one of the most important question when setting up your Virtual Assistant business is how much are you going to charge?But...



Make your cloud software work seamlessly together with Zapier

 In a world where we rely on cloud applications for so many of our daily activities, having the ability to make them all talk to...

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