I’m Jo Sparkes, and I’ve been running my VA business, Expedio Virtual Assistance, since 2003 http://www.expedio.uk.com

I love what I do, I have a fabulous, diverse range of clients and I can work from home or from anywhere – one of the major attractions to me of working virtually.

I started wanting to work from home after my son was born and it took me a few years to take the leap and leave my full-time job in the NHS. I didn’t look back though, he’s now grown up and gone to college, and I wouldn’t change the way that I work for the world. I want to make sure you have all the support you need to do it too.

I receive quite a lot of emails every day asking me how to go about setting up as a VA, or if I have vacancies, and so I started writing blog posts and information on my own website. Wanting to give others the skills that I’d had to find out on my own then took on a life of its own and in 2011 I started VA Pro to hopefully provide an entertaining and informative read, with a UK angle for the business and legislation to be up to date with and a particular emphasis on continuing professional development in Office skills and technical training. Through the Facebook Group there’s now a supportive community too.

If you want to write for VA Pro or have a suggestion of something we should write about please contact me: editor@vapromag.co.uk

For other enquiries you can also telephone on 01989 489302