Facebook made easy with these keyboard short-cuts


Facebook made easy with these keyboard shortcutsLike me, you may be finding that more and more clients want help with their social media marketing. And therefore, like me, you’re probably trying to find the quickest yet most effective method for completing the task.

So here are some Facebook specific short-cuts that you may not be aware of which should help to quicken up the process a little.

First of all I should point out that these short-cuts work different depending on the browser and device you’re using, as follows:


  • Chrome: Alt + #
  • Firefox: Shift + Alt + #
  • Internet Explorer: Alt + #


  • Chrome: Control + Option + #
  • Firefox: Control + #
  • Safari: Control + Option + #

The Short-cuts:

  • M: Create a new Message
  • L: Like / Unlike photos
  • 1: Facebook home page
  • 2: Your Facebook profile page
  • 3: Your friend requests
  • 4: Your messages
  • 5: Any notifications
  • 6: Your account settings page
  • 7: Privacy Settings
  • 8: Facebook Facebook’s page
  • 9: Facebook T&Cs
  • O: Facebook help centre

Short-cuts for messages:

  • G: Search conversations
  • Q: Show / Hide keyboard short-cuts
  • Delete: Archive / unarchive conversation
  • R: Mark as read / unread
  • C: Start a new message
  • I: Go to your inbox
  • U: Go to ‘Other’ inbox

If you use any other Facebook short-cuts that aren’t listed above please share them below – I, for one, am always on the lookout for anything that can help streamline my social media workflow.


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